We are a collective of IT professionals that strive to work with exciting technologies. What brought us together is our dedication to work with bleeding edge technologies every day. Each of us has different experiences and different skillsets, which we can use to assemble a team that perfectly fits the costumers demand. In IT, where collaboration of professionals is as important as nowhere else, we formed as a “Genossenschaft” (cooperative) which enables teamwork in a way no other kind of company could. As a cooperative, we strive to abolish hierarchies in our collective and we do so by enabeling knowledge transfer between our associates. It is our believe that in an area, which is moving as fast as the IT-Sector, continuing education and training is necessary for providing sustainable services. We will stay with you every step of your journey, from initial draft until finished product.

1. tell us about your platform

We are thrilled to work with innovative enterprises in all sectors. Tell us about you, your platform and your goals, so that we can get a feel who we're working with.

Instead of this form, you can of course also use our mail address info@jointech.org, and optionally encrypt the message using our PGP Key 0x4DE26BC100F00F00 (@gnupg, @sks, @MIT) .

2. get a team familiar with your stack

Technologies are moving as fast as the requirements for them. We'll assemble a team of experts that are familiar with the technologies you are using and fit your requirements. You'll have the possibility to get to know us in an initial meeting, where we'll introduce ourselves and you will be able to refine your ideas. In case your needs change in the future, there's always the possibility to scale the size of the team up or down later, depending on the contract.

3. requirements and specifications

Our team will formulate technical tasks based on your features, workflows and non-technical requirements. Based on those we can outline deliverables

4. agile processes

Jointech aims to integrate effortlessly into existing agile processes, by sharing the same tools as you. As long there is Git and ticketing, we'll feel right at home. We can work alongside your contributors in Github, Gitlab, Atlassian Jira and even Redmine, Trello or Phabricator.